Simple Story Slider: shortreads vs longreads

4 août 2016

A new homemade plugin, dedicated to journalists and to storytellers, is added to the WordPress plugin repository. It aims to build easily stories that “slide” without knowing anything about code or design.

UPDATE 2019: This plugin is no longer maintained.

Simple Story Slider

The plugin is independent from the theme but it can interact with other plugins, depending the needs of the user. In practice, it creates a new custom post type: Simple Story Slider. Every new production is added to the whole functionalities of WP (research, categories, RSS). There is also a dedicated widget if you wish to connect your posts with the theme.

There are few common options for every slide story (Twitter ID, Google Analytics code and the choice of the social networks that you wish to appear on the page).

Each slide story could be unique… but also duplicated, for those who are too lazy to make a whole configuration at each new story. Everything on the front-end can be customized: fixed bar (top or bottom), colours, font family,…

There is no limitation on the amount of slides that you can add. But be sure of what you are doing because it is not possible, for the moment, to move slides in the back-end. This development will surely occur later, it is already pretty functional and the results look so good!

Simple Story Slider is the little bro of Simple Long Form, dedicated to longform storytelling. There are little differences between the two plugins. Here, sections are limited. Just like Simple Story Slider, SLF is independent from the theme and it creates a new custom post type: Longform. The difference relies on the links with other plugins which are not possible but only for the moment. 4 templates are currently available. After one year testing (by journalists and also by students in journalism (from UPJ Tours and IUT Lannion in France, from Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium), the plugin is currently improved regarding feed backs of the users (an application of the ISO quality principle of fitness for use). The V 1.0 will be released in September. Until then, the plugin is very functional and results are pretty good too!

Both plugins were developed in a journalistic context, in a complementary way: short read vs long read storytelling.

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