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The « Mixology » open research project aims to probe opinions in times of crisis from a corpus collected via the Twitter API. Its other objective is to develop an original research tool to be also reused for the analysis of headlines or media content (computational linguistics and machine learning methods), in line with media studies and journalism studies.

Blog 6: Collecting the corpus and preparing the lexical analysis

22 décembre 2021

The collection of the corpus has been going on for nine days. At this stage, the four queries axes have given rise to:

The preparation of the lexical analysis has started, in English, based on the « vaccination » corpus. The R packages used are: tm, tidytext, wordcloud

It has required significant data cleansing, which is still ongoing.

However, this activity made it possible to identify the first set of the most frequently used terms by the nearly 50,000 unique users and a list of stop words adapted to the corpus (according to the fitness for use principle). These first versions are available on Github: https://github.com/laurence001/mixology

This preparation also made it possible to identify a polarization of opinions at least around four topics related to the “vaccination” corpus: health (pro-vaccines, anti-vaccines, anti-mRNA vaccines, role of big pharma), information (facts and disinformation), political measures (adhesion and resistance with a vocabulary sometimes borrowed from the darkest moments of history to highlight a form of authoritarianism, pro, and anti-obligation vaccine). In all three cases, the question of trust is already emerging. These findings will need to be confirmed during the actual analysis phase, which will also consider the French language.

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