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The « Mixology » open research project aims to probe opinions in times of crisis from a corpus collected via the Twitter API. Its other objective is to develop an original research tool to be also reused for the analysis of headlines or media content (computational linguistics and machine learning methods), in line with media studies and journalism studies.

Blog 3: The rtweet package

12 décembre 2021

When you encounter a problem with a package, there is a good chance that another user has also been. It was not the geographical area that blocked but, on the one hand, the volume of queries allowed through the Twitter API and, on the other part, requests that were too complex or were not returning many results. Therefore, it was necessary to decide between less data but of quality and more data but more complicated to manage. In order to be able to compare the two strategies, the option of defining a specific geographic area (Western Europe) was retained (3 queries). However, it is also supplemented by a more general query, which gives the 18,000 maximum authorized results (but without a defined geographical perimeter).


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